customised training for Strategically & creatively Excellent digital marketing

Our Difference

  • We aim to unlock the leadership, management, culture and creativity around digital marketing, not just technical delivery of basic campaigns.
  • Our strength is in customising the learning material and process to your needs. Tell us what you you need to achieve, and we will design a learning plan to suit your objectives. 
  • Our classes look at digital as part of the whole marketing ecosystem, not as a stand-alone channel
  • Four criteria for all our classes: Excitement, Relevance, Application, and Trust. This is learning with impact! 

report card from our students ...

I am usually very critical, but when it comes to the ODMA, there is nothing that needs to change. The classes have provided me with such rich knowledge, that I felt inspired after every single session. Overall... SUPERB, EXCELLENT, SPLENDID and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for imparting the knowledge :) It was an amazing journey!
— Firdous Osman Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Ogilvy Cape Town
An awesome, eye opening experience. It’s definitely changed my view on digital.
— Tseliso Rangaka Creative Director, Ogilvy Johannesburg
The ODMA has been literally a life-changing experience. The quality of the content, the lecturing and the guest speakers was world class. This is a programme that should be instituted in every organisation.  I look forward to my digital growth that this course has given birth to.
— Mike Wood Executive Head of Record Edit Create, Ogilvy Cape Town