Anti-Ageing (for Companies)

We help big, old established companies rediscover their youthful power.
With a special formulation of Ogilvy’s digital insight + teaching new skills = innovative business models and intrapreneurship.

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Why Learn with Ogilvy?

We design our programs to seed actionable innovation, not just to train in a set of skills. Coupled with the expertise, real-world insights and award-winning processes of a leading global company; we offer a rare and rich educational investment.

Active Learning makes the Difference

Learning needs to get into the student's world, not just their heads. We build transformative education experiences, based on real-world outcomes

Where can you learn?

“First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius. Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them to go get on with it.” - David Ogilvy

Upcoming Specialist Seminars and Courses (Open Enrolment)

My Company needs (effective) digital marketing know-how, now

Feeling like you're trailing behind in all this giddy digital transformation? We feel your pain.
Skills and strategy upgrades for bigger brands, are just our cup of tea. Let's give you some extra advantage.

Beyond the Agency

We believe the more you share, the more you win. Helping other brands win online, even if they aren't Ogilvy clients, is essential to a healthy digital economy.
We have been delighted to work with these great organisations. Care to join them? Let's chat.about custom training for you too.

We love our clients (but seriously ♥ our students)

"I am usually very critical, but when it comes to the ODMA, there is nothing that needs to change. The classes have provided me with such rich knowledge, that I felt inspired after every single session. Overall... SUPERB, EXCELLENT, SPLENDID and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for imparting the knowledge :) It was an amazing journey!"
Firdous Osman Firdous Osman Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Ogilvy Cape Town
"An awesome, eye opening experience. It's definitely changed my view on digital."
Tseliso Rangaka Tseliso Rangaka Creative Director, Ogilvy Johannesburg
"The ODMA has been literally a life-changing experience. The quality of the content, the lecturing and the guest speakers was world class. This is a programme that should be instituted in every organisation.  I look forward to my digital growth that this course has given birth to."
Mike Wood Ogilvy SA Film + Video Mike Wood Executive Head of Record Edit Create, Ogilvy Cape Town

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