customised training for Strategically & creatively Excellent digital marketing

Our mission is to give you relevant learning that inspires and equips you to lead with digital. 

Our Difference

  • We aim to unlock the leadership, management, culture and creativity around digital marketing, not just technical delivery of basic campaigns.

  • Our strength is in customising the learning material and process to your needs.

  • Our classes look at digital as part of the whole marketing ecosystem, not as a stand-alone channel

  • Four criteria for all our classes: Excitement, Relevance, Application, and Trust. This is learning with impact! 


We have a growing collection of classes with practical outcomes. Here are just a few of our favourites. 

Integrated Learning 

It’s not just advertising that has gone integrated, learning has too. We offer our content in whatever format suits your team best: 2 hour classes at your office, beautiful printed worksheets, personalised coaching, competitions, full-day off-site immersions, facilitated projects, digital quizzes, and online video.


I am usually very critical, but when it comes to the ODMA, there is nothing that needs to change. The classes have provided me with such rich knowledge, that I felt inspired after every single session. Overall... SUPERB, EXCELLENT, SPLENDID and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for imparting the knowledge :) It was an amazing journey!
— Firdous Osman, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Ogilvy Cape Town
An awesome, eye opening experience. It’s definitely changed my view on digital.
— Tseliso Rangaka Creative Director, Ogilvy Johannesburg
This was a fantastic course. I’ve learned valuable skills, which will most definitely have a positive impact on my way of thinking and doing things in the future.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enrich my career.
— Amanda Kritzinger, Pearson South Africa
The ODMA has been literally a life-changing experience. The quality of the content, the lecturing and the guest speakers was world class. This is a programme that should be instituted in every organisation. I look forward to my digital growth that this course has given birth to.
— Mike Wood, Ogilvy REC
I would like to thank you for the absolutely great week we’ve had last week. I really enjoyed every minute of it and learnt a lot from your talks.
— Geraldine Neubert, Ogilvy Mauritius
I don’t believe there is anything like the ODMA, even if there are pretenders, and I’m sincerely honoured to have attended and graduated the course.
— Andrew Pullen, Ogilvy Cape Town
The passages are abuzz today with excitement of yesterday’s workshop! People are very complimentary of your engaging and inspiring training style. You did a fantastic job of enthusing people in the Digital space and hopefully clearing the haze a little.
— Lucy Witts, Zoom
The ODMA has been great for my profile and career. I’m very pleased to be able to help spread the word about the work Ogilvy are doing with their digital training.
— Ivan Colic, Zoom
What’s the best thing that’s happened in the Ogilvy ‘family’ over the past three years? While there are many highlights and accolades within and across all of Ogilvy’s companies, I would undoubtably say that the ODMA has and continues to be our finest hour.
— Gavin Levinsohn, Ogilvy Cape Town

Recognition of learning

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Our classes are only open to Ogilvy staff and clients, so you can be certain that anyone with an ODMA certification has not just an understanding of digital marketing, but of the broader context of corporate marketing & advertising. 

Printed Certificates


"Training should not be confined to trainees. It should be a continuous process and should include the entire professional staff of the agency. The more people learn, the more useful they can be to our clients."

~ David Ogilvy