Dave Duarte

Dave is a globally recognised expert in Social Media, and a pioneer in the field of Digital Leadership.

He founded the first courses in Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Digital Leadership at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

He also serves as Principal of the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy; Trustee at Mxit Reach; Entrepreneur in Residence at Google’s 88mph and Endeavor’s Venture Corps. 

Brent Spilkin

Brent Spilkin owned and ran a business within the food industry for 17 years thus exposing him every aspect of business ownership, from sales management & marketing, recruitment, procurement, finance and distribution.

Having dealt with these challenges of marketing and social interaction, he is ideally positioned with intelligence and smart insight to guide businesses and individuals looking to grow within the digital arena.

Success through business acumen and a great insights are the reasons we use Spillly in the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. 

Innocent Bila

Innocent Bila is the co-founder of The Imaginashun Group, a group of companies that focus on cloud solutions, strategic communications and higher education.

Some of his achievements include being member of the Mobile association of South Africa, Junior Board of Directors (HDI Youth Marketeers) for over 4 years as well as the Junior Advertising Board of South Africa. This, alongside being a digital marketing trainer and educator who holds a South African licence to practice through the Digital Marketing Institute in the U.K.

Mike Carter

Mike Carter was involved in the early stages of building one of South Africa's biggest social networks, Mxit, which has had a string of successful high profile brand engagements.

Mikes knowledge of the mobile eco system makes him an invaluable asset when sharing experiences and strategising business ideas for the 'third screen'.

He currently works with brands looking to understand the South Africa mobile community in greater depth and educates clients on the mobile future in South Africa.